Be patient, this is a work in progress.

James Herriot’s Treasury

  • Moses the Kitten
  • Only One Woof

Just So Stories

  • Whale
  • Camel
  1. A Christian perspective on the Dandy Design of camels

Aesops Fabels

I like to use Aesop’s Morals for copy work.  We usually read two fables each week and tie it to drawing lessons.  Sometimes I will print a coloring page for my younger kids.  When the animal or item from the story has been drawn, we copy the moral and fable title on the bottom of our page.  If we have a light week or extra time, we might do an extra activity focusing on the lesson or animal from that weeks fable.

  • Tortoise
  • Cat
  • Ducks
  • Eagle
  • Filberts
  • Fox
  1. A coloring and copy work sheet.  Bonus!
  • Goat
  • Jackdaw
  • Mice
  1. Coloring page
  • Ox
  1. In this video, you can first hear the hooves of the oxen followed closely by
  2. the louder sound of the wheels.
  3. In this video, the oxen is telling the wheels to be quiet!
  • Wolf

Blue Fairy Book

Click the links to go to the readable version.  Click here for an audio version.  I like to listen to the audio version and draw the story with my kids while we listen.  You could also have your child read along with the audio.

Since most have probably seen the Disney version of this story, it might be of benefit to play a compare and contrast game after reading this story.  Ask your children which version they like better.

Understood Betsy

We read one chapter every week, but I am begged to read more.  My girls love this book and it has been perfect for reading aloud.  There is so much to learn not only for the children, but also for the adult who is reading.  It really helps you to understand a child’s point of view.  I let my daughter draw the story as I read and then she writes a sentence or two about each picture drawn.  This has proven to be a very fun activity for her.

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4

The Little Duke – study notes

AO suggests reading only 1/2 a chapter each week, but we usually read the whole thing.  My daughter doesn’t enjoy this story as much, but it’s probably due to the fact that all the characters are boys.

Pilgrim’s Progress

  • read for 15 minutes daily
  • Very nice, very old, very detailed drawings to color.
  • Many more helpful links and advice on reading this story here.



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