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Busy Hands: Stickers and Shapes

As a mother homeschooling two full time schoolers, one part time schooler, and two more little ones underfoot, I understand the necessity of always having various attention getters for the little ones so that you can get that 10-15 minute lesson in.  (If you’re following CM, that’s all the time it takes for one lesson!  That’s why this method works so nicely for large families and especially ones with small children).  It is of equal importance that these attention getters are easy to put together and consist of things you have around the house.  In this series, I will be sharing the things that keep my little ones the busiest, and here’s a hint, it ain’t the new toys they got for Christmas!

Stickers and Shapes

I have not yet met a child that does not enjoy stickers.  It’s a fun picture that magically sticks wherever you put it.  Who doesn’t enjoy that?  Well, it is a little frustrating when they stick to you and you can’t get them off… but that’s another subject and problem all together. Continue reading



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