Coloring pages for both Burgess books are found here.  They are free but you have to sign up.  I like to put each picture into it’s own document and add the name along the top, some writing lines along the bottom, and a nice boarder to make a really nice keepsake coloring page.  I don’t turn my kids loose with these either.  I encourage them to color the birds according to their true color with colored pencils.

Burgess Bird Book – A very wonderful google documentwith beautiful full color photographs of each bird titled with their book name and correct name.   Montessori cards for all the birds.  satorismiles is another great resource.

Chapter 1 – Jenny Wren

  1. House Wren – SongColoring page
  • Wren in action – This video clip goes so well with chapter three.  The little wren here tries to use too big of a stick twice.  We all laughed thinking of Jenny scolding him for getting too big a stick.  It also shows the wren’s quick movements, sharp song, and conservative color/markings.

Chapter 2 –  Bully the English Sparrow



  1. Chipping Sparrow – song, coloring page
  2. English or House Sparrow – song, coloring page

Chapter 3 –  Jenny Has A Good Word For Some Sparrows



  1. Song Sparrow, song, coloring page
  2. Whitethroat, song, coloring page
  3. Fox Sparrow, song, coloring page (you will have to scroll, but it’s there)


Burgess Animal Book

Burgess Animal Cards ch. 1-5

Chapter 1 – Peter Rabbit

Chapter 2 – The Hare

Chapter 3 –

Chapter 4 –

Chapter 5 –

Chapter 6 –

Chapter 7 –


All of the Holling books are so full of information and beautiful illustrations, but the thing I like to focus on the most are the detailed descriptions.  I read these books according to the AO schedule, but read only one chapter/week.  After each chapter, I sometimes ask for an oral narration, but always ask them to draw a part of the story that they heard and encourage them to draw out all the details they can remember.

Paddle to the Sea

This site has a lot of info and worksheets for the great lakes.

Part 1 in a three part series of a live action movie.  This would be a fun way to end the book.  Be sure to read the info of this movie.

Did you know this book was so popular that it inspired a park to be built in Paddle’s honor?

This is a fun way to use technology.  has used google maps to plot Paddle’s adventure.  It is divided by chapter to make tracking easy.  If you click on the plot you will see that it has several links for many of the things Paddle comes across and questions to get you and your child thinking about nature and geography.

More teachable opportunities, including a blank map to mark, to use during your reading of Paddle to the Sea.

Tree in the Trail

Sea Bird


Honestly, these stories are not always the easiest to understand or teach.  You can read them aloud by following the links or listen to them here.  I read them aloud and do my best to explain the more difficult stories and hope for the best.

A Lesson of Faith – One of the easier stories to relate to.

Law of Authority and Obedience – This story is reeealy long.  I suggest to break it up as you schedule.

  • I would read this as the parent before reading the parable as a way of brushing up on what you already know so that if any questions come from the floor you will be equipped to answer them.
  • A great big bunch of bees, their honey, and some honeycomb.  You could get lost in all the youtube videos on bees.  I won’t post anymore here, but if you find a good one leave the link in the comments.
  • And just for fun, Honey Bee.

Knowledge Not The Limit of Belief

The Light of Truth


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