Hello, and welcome to our blog.  We are a homeschool family of seven people with one dog, two cats, multiple chickens, and a fabulous garden.  In the past, I have made my homeschool days too hectic and busy with  projects, activities, worksheets, and memorization.  I was stressed trying to get little pieces of paper cut out and worksheets printed off while trying to teach at the same time.  The kids were unhappy and unengaged, but worse than that, the amount they were learning was not relative to the amount of effort and time that I was putting in.  I was doing all the learning for them.

I began my search for a better system  and through much prayer and the searching, I was able to find several new websites that offer free curriculum complete with fewer worksheets, shorter lessons, and a very easy schedule to follow.  By combining my old favorites with Charlotte Mason’s wisdom in teaching, I have been able to develop a system of learning that we fondly refer to as, The Annanite Academy.  It’s gonna be a great year and we would be honored if you joined us!



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