YSH is an online Bible study program for children.  We have only made it through the first few lessons, and I like it so far.  I believe it is still free.  When you visit their site, you will be given three options: do the study by mail, do the study online and by mail, or do the entire study online.  We chose to do everything online.  Every lesson gives a brief synopsis of what is told in the Bible, gives references for where the story is found, and a verse to memorize.  After reading the story you will be given a quiz that has to be completed correctly in order to move to the next lesson.  You and your child will have to have a Bible handy because they do ask questions that require you to look up the answer, which is really cool.

How we use YSH:

I read through the lesson and make sure that their story matches what the Bible says and edit as necessary.  I haven’t had to edit yet, but I have had to explain a few things and have been glad that I studied before I presented it.  The first day, we read straight from the Bible what is said and introduce the memory verse.  Sometimes I will use and let Max McLean do the reading for me.  The next day we read the YSH version, answer the questions, and go over the verse again.  This day usually takes longer.  I ask for narrations each day.  The next two days I pick an Old Testament story to read one day and do an activity the next.  This works well because YSH has 52 lessons right now so it should take us about one year to get through their program.


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