Ambleside Online

This is our primary source for planning.  It is a free, Charlotte Mason based, online curriculum.  The wonderful moms who maintain this site have scheduled history, science, literature and supplied reading lists for 12 full years of school.  They have included ‘school’ ideas for younger children and have a minimal plan for families that are in crisis or undergoing other emergencies.  AO states that their site does not give a Charlotte Mason education, but it is a great place to get started.  Be sure to sign up for their Yahoo! support groups and don’t allow yourself to become discouraged.

How we use AO:

I have decided to put both my girls in yr one because yr one doesn’t necessarily mean grade one or first grade.  My older girl has a more advanced math and phonics program, but having them on the same schedule for everything else is a huge relief right now.  They enjoy doing things together right now and I would like to enjoy that while I can.



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  8. Excited to see how you’re using AO with your fam! We too use both it and MEP, but I have only one child, and my 9 yo daughter is currently in the last three weeks of AO4. Naturally our days look a little different!!

    That said, I hope you enjoy both programmes as much as we do


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