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Is It Worth It? Canned Peaches

beautiful, Colorado peaches

What we have here is $55 worth of peaches.  It’s about 84 lbs which means I paid about .65/lb and that is a good price for this area.  (I did have several go bad on me, but I got my peaches from good people who replaced the spoiled ones and therefor had no waste.  If you do not have good people to get peaches from, be sure to factor in your waste when calculating the cost of canning for yourself.) So what can we do with 84 lbs of peaches?  Some have to be eaten fresh.  (Note:  We always eat the biggest, freeze the medium-est, and can the smallest because they fit into the jars nicer).  Some have to be frozen for smoothies.  The rest will be canned.  If you’re looking for a canning tutorial, go here.  If your trying to decide if it’s worth it, stay here. Continue reading



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