My kids came to the point of hating math so we thought we would try something fun this year.  Life Of Fred has fit the bill.  It’s a short story full of math followed with a few questions.  My kids write out these questions and work through the problems in their own notebook and math is done, no tears.  It takes 30 minutes top daily.  I also have them do daily for fact mastery.

This site is great and simple.  It takes only a few minutes of practice every day and keeps track of your child’s progress.  My kids actually enjoy practicing math this way and I don’t have to do anything!

Mathematics Enhancement Programme

MEP is an online, printable math program based in the UK thus the odd spellings and use of metric system.  I can deal with that if something is free.  They have everything you need on printable PDF files including lesson plans, work books, picture charts, and classroom helps.  You will have to click through their site to find everything you need and some of the links are broken, but I have managed to make it work for us.  They have a pretty extensive resources page that I have not gone through entirely, but I’m sure it has great things.

We are not currently using MEP.  I still think it is a great resource and I may go back to it in time, but my kids were needing something different at this time.

Math Games and Ideas

Place Value


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