Lesson Plan, seventh week

Seven weeks of school and still no snow for us.  Our garden is nearly done do to the cooler weather, so we will have much more time for school.  We will be canning the last of the green beans this week as well as some more peaches and hopefully some applesauce.  All this will make for another hectic week.  Learning the balance between the home school day and everyday life is the biggest challenge we face, but making it all work is the greatest reward.

If you are new to my blog, please see my curriculum page so you can have a better understanding of the resources that I use.  Most of this plan adheres closely to the AO curriculum.  For more information on how to provide a true CM education, please visit their site.  I have included quite a few links that I found to be helpful.  Follow these steps to make the best use of my plan:

  1. Pre-read all the assignments.
  2. View the extra links I have included.
  3. Prep any copy work that you plan on assigning.
  4. Print anything that you need a hard copy of, e.g. pictures for ‘Book of Centuries’
  5. Read the selected assignment to your child if they are not able to read it themselves.
  6. Ask for a narration.
  7. Share the links with your child that you found to be most beneficial.
  8. Let me know what links were helpful or if you found information that was helpful.

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The Wife of Job

I know ‘tomorrow’ was a long time ago, but better late than never.  Since it has been several days, let’s review a little.  The basic story is that Job had a wonderful life and in one day lost everything except his wife, three friends, and a very arrogant person named Elihu.  His wife was no support and told him to curse God.  His friends were no support and would not speak truth to him; insisting that he must have sinned against God to deserve this punishment.  And then Elihu came along and listened, spoke truth, and prepared Job to speak with God.

As women and wives, we have valuable lessons to learn from these three examples.  Job’s wife encouraged him to get his suffering over by cursing God.  She did not have the best interests of her husband in mind.  She wasn’t thinking about where he would spend eternity if he cursed God, or maybe it just wasn’t a concern of hers.  As Christians, our primary goal should be to help one another get to heaven.  If we do not have a unified goal, what is the purpose of marriage?  We are only given one example of the character of Job’s wife, so it is hard to say exactly how she might have been the rest of the time.  The one thing she is remembered for is attempting to lead her husband astray, yet I do not think she was all together bad.  As far as we know, Job did not marry anyone else, so we must assume that it was his wife who was blessed with seven new children and all the blessings God gave Job.  When speaking with our husbands, we should remember that every word we say to them could be our most remembered word.  I suspect that Job’s wife was in a week moment and she spoke foolishly after hearing that her husband had lost his herds and flocks and their own children were gone as well.  Maybe this one recorded instance was not a true example of her character, but it is the most outstanding and what she is remembered for.  If your husband had to remember you for only one remark, what would it be?

We can contrast Job’s wife with Elihu to learn better how she should have treated him.  Elihu listened to Job where his friends did not.  He spoke truth to him where his friends did not.  He praised God and pointed out where Job was wrong where his friends did not.  After being treated in this way, Job argued no more and was ready to hear and see God.  This is the way we should be treating our husbands.  We should treat them with respect by listening to every word they say and speak to them truthfully, making sure to not stroke egos.  By doing this, our husbands will be able to have better understanding and clarity of mind to deal with whatever might be troubling them.

Men are in a very stressful position as the head of our homes.  They carry a lot of responsibility in providing for the family and leading that family in all spiritual things.  As the primary source of support for our husbands, we can either help them to the right decision or hinder them by encouraging them to the easiest, most fun, or most convenient choice.  Worse yet, it is very easy for a wife to manipulate her husband’s decision to what will be of most benefit to her.

I would like to hear how some of you help your husbands through difficult times.

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Six weeks on…

As I was planning the school year this Summer I had thought about planning everything in six week segments and giving myself one week in between to plan the next six weeks.  I had forgotten about this marvelous thought until this morning, the morning of the seventh week.  I have double checked my planning calendar and even if we do take five, one week breaks and one, two week for Christmas we will still be done by the first half of June.

Taking this week off is very appealing to me since the house is a post yard sale wreck and I have green beans, beets, peaches, and applesauce to can this week.  If you are following my plan, I hope this won’t cause you to fall behind in your schedule.  If you want to continue on, please check the AO site under their curriculum page.

Have a great week!!!

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Meal Plan 10/9

We are scheduled to have a light freeze tonight which means most of the fresh garden goodies will come to an end.  Soon, we will be in full Fall mode with our meals; eating lots of soups, casseroles, and other comfort foods. In celebration of our bountiful harvest, we will be enjoying some of our favorite garden recipes for the last time this year.  I hope the weather is treating you well wherever you are!

Meal Plan 10/9

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30 Minutes for Mommy: Basil Banana Smoothie

It’s really good, I promise!  The basil plants in the garden are looking slim and I am already missing this new Summer favorite.  Give it a try before the season is over.  My recipe is inspired by Giada De Laurentiis‘ Sweet Basil Smoothie.  I prefer my smoothies to be a little thicker, so I modified a few things and like it very much.  Try either recipe, but you have to try at least one.

  • 1 C fresh basil leaves
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 12ish ice cubes (give or take depending on the desired consistency)
  • zest of 1/2 a lime
  • juice of one lime
  • 4 T sugar (start with 2T and go up from there)
  • 1/2 C plain yogurt
  • enough water to make your blender work (just a couple tablespoons should do it)

Throw everything in a blender and frappe it!  Find your prettiest glass (because things are just more fun when they’re in pretty containers), and add a little whip on top to make everything happy.

There you have it, the taste of Summer in a pretty glass with happiness on top.  You could also sub the lime for lemon or orange and the banana for strawberries.

Now that you have your snack taken care of, check out my most recent update for our 30 Minutes for Mommy Bible Study.

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Learning and Cooking

Measuring and mixing offers the prefect hands on introduction to the world of fractions.  The Fractured Trail Mix recipe can be followed by any age child as long as they are given proper guidance.  This sheet is meant to introduce children to fractions.  Very small children may not understand the concept at first, but with enough practice, they’ll catch on.  Besides, you can never have enough trail mix!  For the older child, seeing the fraction circles, coloring them, saying the fractions and problems out loud, and finally measuring the fractions may engage them enough to cause the concept to click.  Even if it doesn’t, you still have a fen, healthy snack to eat.

My 6 year old and 8 year old had fun with this.  I changed the problems to subtraction for older child and she did great.  Having the pictures allowed her to figure things out easily.  My younger child had a hard time understanding how everything was supposed to work.  She knows that 2 halves equal a whole, but in this format, she was a little lost.  We figured it out together and she got her snack made just in time to share with Daddy.

Let me know how your experience goes!  Fractured Trail Mix

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Is It Worth It? Canned Peaches

beautiful, Colorado peaches

What we have here is $55 worth of peaches.  It’s about 84 lbs which means I paid about .65/lb and that is a good price for this area.  (I did have several go bad on me, but I got my peaches from good people who replaced the spoiled ones and therefor had no waste.  If you do not have good people to get peaches from, be sure to factor in your waste when calculating the cost of canning for yourself.) So what can we do with 84 lbs of peaches?  Some have to be eaten fresh.  (Note:  We always eat the biggest, freeze the medium-est, and can the smallest because they fit into the jars nicer).  Some have to be frozen for smoothies.  The rest will be canned.  If you’re looking for a canning tutorial, go here.  If your trying to decide if it’s worth it, stay here. Continue reading


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30 Minutes for Mommy: Lesson 3

If this is your first time reading this post, please read past, “30 Minutes for Mommy”, posts to better understand why I am doing this study and why I hope that you will join me.  You can find past posts in the side bar under, “30 Minutes for Mommy”, and, “Bible Women”.

This week we are studying Job’s wife.  Her name isn’t even given in scripture.  There are so few scriptures concerning her that to know her we must know her husband first.  I suggest that we study Job’s life in three sections over three days; before his affliction, during his affliction, and after his affliction.   On the fourth day we can bring it all together and paint a better picture of who his wife was.


We Meet Job (Gen.1:1-5)

Job was a great man in his time, the most wealthy, infact.  He had 7000 sheep, 3000 camels, 500 oxen, 500 she asses, and a very great house.  He was blessed with 10 children, three daughters and seven sons.  It is said that he was perfect and upright, fearing God and turning from evil.  His children appear to have been very close.  We read that each one held a feast ‘in his day’, which is referring to his birthday.  They invited their sisters which implies that it was a family gathering, not a ruckus party.  It isn’t clear if Job and his wife attended these parties, but we do know that Job had knowledge of when the feasts occurred and when they ended because he offered sacrifices following each event.

We are told that he sent and sanctified them and made an offering on each ones behalf because maybe they did too much eating or drinking or got carried away in some manner and may have sinned against God.  Reading over this scripture several times reveals the one flaw that Job may have had.  His worry for his children.  There is no firm proof that his children renounced God, he doesn’t even question them about his concern.  He is just worried that they did and as any overprotective father, he worries and frets and does what he has to do to ease his concern.  It is said that he did this sacrificing continually.  I cannot find how long a sacrifice took, but anything multiplied by 10 is a rather long time, so to do this thing continually would show that he had a great deal of fear that was probably unfounded.

When the Bible refers to Job as being ‘perfect’, it isn’t in the same way as Christ was ‘perfect’.  The Hebrew word for perfect is tam or tamim which means complete, mature, or healthy.  Replacing these words to describe Job makes more sense and allows for him to have a flaw, such as extreme worry.  Satan will later use this as a foothold in the affliction that he executes on Job, which we will discuss tomorrow.


The Plight of Job

Beginning in Job 1:13 and ending in Job 2:8, we can read all that happens to Job, in short his many herds of animals are either stolen or consumed with fire, his children are killed by a great wind during one of their parties, and his own flesh breaks out in painful boils.

In Job 2:9 we find the only recorded words by Job’s wife, “Renounce God and die!”  How terrible a thing to be remembered for!  Maybe she thought he had done something evil and wanted him gone like everything else.  Maybe she didn’t understand why God would allow such trouble to befall her husband and wished him to be out of his misery.  Maybe she was in despair over all the tragedy and simply spoke foolishly, as is stated in Jobs harsh reply to her, (Job 2:10).  In any case, she spoke selfishly and did not have the interests of her husband at hand.

In chapter 3, Job goes into great detail on how badly he wishes he could simply die, or better yet, never be born.  He curses his day, wonders why he did not ‘give up the ghost’ during birth, and takes delight in the day when he can find his grave.  He is in a true state of despair.  He feels nothing but pain and sorrow, if even those feelings still linger.  He is in a deep, dark pit that no one will be able to bring him out of and the selfish, unreassuring words of his wife only make his place worse.

The bulk of the book, chapters 4-31, are discourses between Job and his friends.  Their message to him has the same theme; you have sinned, admit it and get this punishment over with!  There is not much support for Job here, either.  His wife pleads with him to die and now his friends accuse him of some kind of wickedness that requires repenting.  Job maintains his integrity in all of this and continues to bless the name of God, declaring that his Redeemer Lives, and is certain he will see God and God will know him.

Tomorrow, we will talk more about Elihu and the reward Job received.


Preparing to See God

Elihu is different from any of the other characters in this story.  He is younger than the rest, very arrogant, and very different in his approach to the situation.  His attitude is that God does not punish because you have done something wrong, but we as humans suffer as a means of being kept humble, or to keep us from sin.  He comes down harshly on Job for justifying himself rather than God.  Elihu reprimands the three friends for not answering Job and keeping their mouths shut.  He boldly states that he will now answer Job and will not hold anything back nor stroke any egos.  In Job 33:8-11 Elihu directly quotes things that Job has said and directly answers these questions.  Elihu states in Job 34:12 that God does not do wicked things nor is He unjust.  Job has not spoken against God or cursed Him, but he has questioned his punishment many times over and maintained his integrity, implying that God is being unfair in some way.  The reason Job was able to argue this point with his friends was because they were not speaking truth and he knew it.  Elihu invites Job to speak , but he can not find words to answer this man because Elihu’s words speak truth.

At this point, I think Job is finally beginning to understand and feel comfort.  The truth Elihu spoke may have stung a little, but that’s the way truth works.  When a person is truly seeking to do right and they are in despair, the stinging truth can bring comfort because the person now knows and understands what must change in order for them to be better.

I believe that Elihu’s purpose was to get Job ready to see and to hear God.  Elihu very beautifully describes the wonders of God in most of chapter 37, and God repeats much of this when He finally speaks to Job in chapters 38-42.  God also says this in Job 40:8;

 Wilt thou even annul my judgment? Wilt thou condemn me, that thou mayest be justified?

 That sounds much like Elihu’s respons to Job in 32:2

…against Job was his wrath kindled, because he justified himself rather than God.

And finally, in 42:7 God lets the three friends know that He is angry with them and that they are to offer a certain sacrifice, but nothing more is said of Elihu.

In the end (Job 42:5-6), Job admits to have heard with his ear, but now he sees with his eyes and repents.  God accepts him and blesses him twice that which he had before.  Even his daughters are now more blessed because they are the most beautiful in the land.  And in all of this, Job’s wife must have felt blessed as well because she bore ten new children for her husband.  Often times we must be humbled before we can receive the blessings God has in store for us.

Tomorrow I will tie all this together and hopefully bring some understanding as to why we had to put so much study into all these men in order to learn a lesson from Job’s wife.

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The Woman Eve

Eve was given the great honor of being “The Mother of All Living”.  She was made from man with the intention of helping him and being his wife.  She was made to be in subjection to him from the beginning, but we know she was not satisfied with this.  Eve is a good example of a woman without God as her focus.  She was easily tempted, easily justified her actions, tried to undermine her husband, and wanted to be like her husband.  When we don’t have God as the focus in our lives, temptation is easy to fall into.  Because of her inability to stand against temptation, we now have an example of what happens when the woman desires to be in authority over her husband.  We can also see the outcome of this rejection of God’s plan in the punishment that followed.  Eve was to endure multiplied sorrow, multiplied conception, and sorrow in bringing forth children and her husband, for participating in the act, was to toil for his food and the ground was cursed for his sake.  The sorrow she was to endure was made apparent through her children.  There is no greater sorrow than for a mother to see one child kill another.  In this one act, she lost two sons.  When we don’t follow God’s plan, not only do we suffer, but our entire family suffers.

Today, we have the advantage of all the examples in the Bible so that we can learn and understand what God wants of us.  We have Christ as our example of a husband (bridegroom) and His church as our example for the wife (bride).  How wonderful to think of being like Christs’ church!  He will always protect her, take care of her, encourage her, and He died for her.  In return, the church is to be in subjection to Christ and do as he commanded.  We know from this study that there are many scriptures that put the woman in subjection to man, but that doesn’t mean we are in a place to be walked on.  Men also should understand their roll and responsibility to women in that they are to be like Christ.

As a woman, it can be very difficult to stay in subjection.  God tells us that our desire will be for the man in Genesis 3:16.  Christ is our example of how to stand against temptation.  He knew how to counter everything Satan said with scripture and was able to stand strong against him.  We need to be reading and studying God’s word daily to keep our minds strong against this temptation.

I don’t think Eve was a bad person or a bad example.  I think she is like many women are today.  She was distracted from her place and endured much sorrow for it.  It is good to remember that even though Eve sinned, God still cared for her.  He clothed Eve and taught her modesty, He gave her another son to replace the one she lost, and she will always have the honor of being the first mother.  This is one of the many examples that shows us that even though we may not always follow God and though we are sinners, He still loves us and cares for us and gives us this hope:

Romans 5:8

But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.                                  

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