Lesson Plan, eleventh week

If you are new to my blog, please see my curriculum page so you can have a better understanding of the resources that I use.  Most of this plan adheres closely to the AO curriculum.  For more information on how to provide a true CM education, please visit their site.  I have included quite a few links that I found to be helpful.  Follow these steps to make the best use of my plan:

  1. Pre-read all the assignments.
  2. View the extra links I have included.
  3. Prep any copy work that you plan on assigning.
  4. Print anything that you need a hard copy of, e.g. pictures for ‘Book of Centuries’
  5. Read the selected assignment to your child if they are not able to read it themselves.
  6. Ask for a narration.
  7. Share the links with your child that you found to be most beneficial.
  8. Let me know what links were helpful or if you found information that was helpful.

For Everyone:


  • YSH lesson 13


  • An Island Story:  “The Last of the Romans”
    • Agricola – links to military maps of his campaign and an abbreviated biography.
    • Hadrians Wall.  This site is for tourists, but it still gives a nice image and additional information.
    • National Trail’s walk along Hadrians wall.  This site has a nice map and photo gallery.
    • Virtual Tour of Hadrians Wall
    • Make a comparison of Britain before the Romans and after.  Point out the improvements that were made to the country of Britain.  Would Britain be what they are today without the Roman influence?  In the long run, was it good or bad that the Roman’s invaded Britain?
  • Fifty Famous Stories Retold:  “The Story of William Tell”
    • Remind your children of a story in the Bible when three brave men stood up and would not bow to the King.  Daniel 1-3 has the entire story, however the part we are focusing on is only chapter 3.
    • Wikipedia finish the story where Baldwin leaves off.
    • You could introduce the William Tell Overture at this time.  A professional version and a fun version.
    • A nicely done video of the story, however it isn’t in English.  Hearing it told in the original language, however, is very neat.
  • Parables from Nature: “The Unknown Land”
    • Sedge Warbler – info, song (you will have to follow the link for it’s latin name, Acrocephalus schoenobaenus), video
    • Sparrow (there are so many sparrows I just selected the House Sparrow to keep things consistent) – info, song (as well as most everything you may want), video
    • Swallow – info, song (you will have to select one type of Sparrow), video
    • Magpie – info, song, video
  • Paddle to the Sea: chapter 9
  • Benjamin Franklin by Ingri D’Aulaire: pages 48 to end


  • Switzerland

As we are approaching Thanksgiving, I thought it would be nice to start thinking of things we can be thankful for.  The following poems all have things that writer was thankful for and that the reader can be thankful for.  You could start an acorn tree or cornucopia of thanksgiving and add a nut or piece of fruit for every item that we can be thankful for.

  • Peter Pan: chapters 15 – 17
Copy Work
  • Aesop’s morals
  • Verse from one of the favorite songs sung this week
  • Verse from a favorite RLS poem
  • Weekly Bible verse
  • Favorite Franklin quote

SWR (each of my kids are on a different list, but the same work is done)

  • Spelling words introduced
  • Spelling enrichments (one or two every day)
  • Phonograms reviewed
  • Spelling list quizzed and hopefully mastered


  • Four lessons every week
  • Pattern building
  • Hands on math (we do this with cooking, sewing, crafting, etc.)
  • Lots and lots of counting!


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