Not Until the Snow Flies…

The first snow of the season finally happened and boy was it a big one!  

It has caused schools and businesses all across Colorado to close, the weight of the snow has broken trees causing power outages for up to two hours, and it is being called the biggest storm in two seasons.  The last few winters here have been pretty disappointing.  I don’t even remember having to get snow pants out last year.  Currently, we have 11 inches and it’s still snowing.  Hopefully, this big storm is a show of things to come this winter.  I know some don’t like all these big storms, but we love them.

On average, our first snow fall should happen mid October.  It happened about one week late this year, and the kids knew it!  They’ve been asking where the snow was for about that long.  We heard the news late last week that it was scheduled to snow the following week.  The countdown began.  It was like waiting for Christmas!  Every day the younger ones would ask, “How many more days until it snows?”, and the older ones would answer, “3 more days… 2 more days…”, until finally the answer was, “It’s going to snow tomorrow and you know what that means?!”  We enjoy the snow as much as most people do and the first snow is much anticipated, but not for the same reasons as most families.  In our family, snow means peaches, canned peaches.  How much fun is that?

Every Summer, when the big boxes of beautiful peaches come rolling into town, we buy as many as we can afford and can them.  This year we have stored up a grand total of 23 quarts of peaches.  (You can read more about that process here).  If we didn’t have this simple saying, ‘Not until the snow flies’, we wouldn’t have enough canned peaches to last us through the end of September.  Because of this simple saying and new tradition, we save our peaches until the first snowfall and usually don’t eat a jar unless it is snowing.  This area usually sees between 24 and 27 days of snow fall.  If we have a heavy winter, we won’t have quite enough peaches for every time it snows, but we do have enough for one jar every other week until peaches are in season again.  Peaches in Winter are a beautiful and wonderful treat.


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  1. Rose Crenshaw

    That is why I will wait until after winter to come back. I would hate to fly into that and then couldn’t get out. It is beautiful though.

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