Lesson Plan, eighth week

The eighth week of school!  I hope you all are having as much fun as we are.  Just like I thought, this year is a great year.  I am so appreciative of the ladies over at AO for their guidance, planning, and direction.

If you are new to my blog, please see my curriculum page so you can have a better understanding of the resources that I use.  Most of this plan adheres closely to the AO curriculum.  For more information on how to provide a true CM education, please visit their site.  I have included quite a few links that I found to be helpful.  Follow these steps to make the best use of my plan:

  1. Pre-read all the assignments.
  2. View the extra links I have included.
  3. Prep any copy work that you plan on assigning.
  4. Print anything that you need a hard copy of, e.g. pictures for ‘Book of Centuries’
  5. Read the selected assignment to your child if they are not able to read it themselves.
  6. Ask for a narration.
  7. Share the links with your child that you found to be most beneficial.
  8. Let me know what links were helpful or if you found information that was helpful.

For Everyone:


  • Fifty Famous Stories Retold:   “Cincinnatus
    • Information about the statue of him in his namesake town of Cincinnati, Ohio.
    • This is a good lesson on leadership.  Some of the greatest leaders in history never wanted to lead, but people called them to it.  They understood that to lead is actually to serve.  Discuss ways with your kids on how they can lead by serving.
  • Benjamin Franklin by Ingri D’Aulaire:  pages 1-16
    • This is the same info as the book but has some very neat pictures.
  • Burgess’s Bird Book:  Chapter 4
    • Vesper Sparrow, songcoloring page, video (I used the picture from the song sparrow and blocked out the name.  I can’t find anything better.)
    • Chipping Sparrow, song, coloring page, video
    • American Tree Sparrow, song, coloring page, video
    • Look at satorismiles for more info
    • Check out my new page, ‘Birds’.  It’s a work in progress, but has some additional info that may help.


  • Boston, MA (More specifically, the home of Benjamin Franklin)
  • Review Rome
  • Aesop’s Fables:  “The Gnat and the Bull
    • Here is a slight variation in the story as well as a simple picture to color.
    • I remember well my mother reminding me that, “The world doesn’t revolve around you”.  I think many children get this idea because for the first few years of their life, they were the world to us.  I guess a balance has to be reached at some point.  This is a good time of year to expand the minds of our children to the world around and squelch their conceit by helping at a soup kitchen, giving to Goodwill, or volunteering at a clothing bank.
  • Aesop’s Fables:  “The Travelers and the Purse
    • This is a nice story to help siblings understand caring and support of one another through thick and thin.  Remind them of this story throughout the week as they are doing chores and when they receive rewards.
    • A fun math lesson would be to fill several ‘purses’ (bags of any kind would work) with different amounts of rocks.  Let your child hold each purse and determine which is heaviest.  Then, you can count the rocks and see if the heaviest really had more rocks.  If your children are learning about money
  • A Child’s Garden of Verses
    • Being that Halloween is coming, I selected poems that were about the night and pretending.  Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween, you could still let the week focus on pretend play and imagination.
    • Young Night Thought
    • Pirate Story
    • The Moon
    • Fairy Bread
  • Shakespeare: “Midsummer Nights Dream
    • We’re jumping into Shakespeare this week!  I will admit, I am nervous.  I haven’t even read much of his work, but I have heard that it was written to be seen, not heard.  I plan to read it through once and then have the kids act out just one scene, just to see how it goes.
    • Here are two options for watching.  I have not watched either all the way through, but they will due.  The animation in the first is annoying, but it may keep the attention long enough to tell the story.  I do not know how much skin is shown in the second, so you may want to preview it.
      • Animated version:  part 1, part 2part 3
      • Actor version:  part 1, part 2, part 3, and so it goes up until part 14.  I am not going to link them all here since they pop up automatically on youtube.  Just make sure you keep clicking the ones by ‘justonetake’.
  • Peter Pan, chapter 7-9
    • I will just say that my kids are LOVING this book!  I don’t ask for narrations on this at all, we just read it and enjoy it.
Copy Work
  • Aesop’s morals
  • Verse from one of the favorite songs sung this week
  • Verse from a favorite RLS poe
  •   Matt.19:14
  • Benjamin Franklin quote (An alphabetical listing of his quotes)

SWR (each of my kids are on a different list, but the same work is done)

  • Spelling words introduced
  • Spelling enrichments (one or two every day)
  • Phonograms reviewed
  • Spelling list quizzed and hopefully mastered


  • Four lessons every week
  • Pattern building
  • Hands on math (we do this with cooking, sewing, crafting, etc.)
  • Lots and lots of counting!
For the Little Ones
Busy Hands
(I like to have several things on hand to give myself the upper hand)

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