The Wife of Job

I know ‘tomorrow’ was a long time ago, but better late than never.  Since it has been several days, let’s review a little.  The basic story is that Job had a wonderful life and in one day lost everything except his wife, three friends, and a very arrogant person named Elihu.  His wife was no support and told him to curse God.  His friends were no support and would not speak truth to him; insisting that he must have sinned against God to deserve this punishment.  And then Elihu came along and listened, spoke truth, and prepared Job to speak with God.

As women and wives, we have valuable lessons to learn from these three examples.  Job’s wife encouraged him to get his suffering over by cursing God.  She did not have the best interests of her husband in mind.  She wasn’t thinking about where he would spend eternity if he cursed God, or maybe it just wasn’t a concern of hers.  As Christians, our primary goal should be to help one another get to heaven.  If we do not have a unified goal, what is the purpose of marriage?  We are only given one example of the character of Job’s wife, so it is hard to say exactly how she might have been the rest of the time.  The one thing she is remembered for is attempting to lead her husband astray, yet I do not think she was all together bad.  As far as we know, Job did not marry anyone else, so we must assume that it was his wife who was blessed with seven new children and all the blessings God gave Job.  When speaking with our husbands, we should remember that every word we say to them could be our most remembered word.  I suspect that Job’s wife was in a week moment and she spoke foolishly after hearing that her husband had lost his herds and flocks and their own children were gone as well.  Maybe this one recorded instance was not a true example of her character, but it is the most outstanding and what she is remembered for.  If your husband had to remember you for only one remark, what would it be?

We can contrast Job’s wife with Elihu to learn better how she should have treated him.  Elihu listened to Job where his friends did not.  He spoke truth to him where his friends did not.  He praised God and pointed out where Job was wrong where his friends did not.  After being treated in this way, Job argued no more and was ready to hear and see God.  This is the way we should be treating our husbands.  We should treat them with respect by listening to every word they say and speak to them truthfully, making sure to not stroke egos.  By doing this, our husbands will be able to have better understanding and clarity of mind to deal with whatever might be troubling them.

Men are in a very stressful position as the head of our homes.  They carry a lot of responsibility in providing for the family and leading that family in all spiritual things.  As the primary source of support for our husbands, we can either help them to the right decision or hinder them by encouraging them to the easiest, most fun, or most convenient choice.  Worse yet, it is very easy for a wife to manipulate her husband’s decision to what will be of most benefit to her.

I would like to hear how some of you help your husbands through difficult times.


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  1. I agree that the wife was not bad. He said she spoke as one of the foolish women – he did not say she was one. That seems to me that it was out of character. Also, such an upright man would have picked an amazing woman and God blessed her with all of those things too. I think she was torn apart by his suffering – and probably her own suffering. She lost everything as well. It shows Job’s strength that he was still able to lead his wife spiritually even when he was suffering in every way. What a great example to our men. Now there have been a lot of people who have lost their homes and all their things and some of these men have chosen suicide, alcohol, emotionally checking out, instead of stepping up and leading their families.

    I love your encouragement on how to treat our husbands. Sometimes I get so tired and frazzled from watching the kids all day I forget that my main priority after God is my husband’s spirituality.

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