Learning and Cooking

Measuring and mixing offers the prefect hands on introduction to the world of fractions.  The Fractured Trail Mix recipe can be followed by any age child as long as they are given proper guidance.  This sheet is meant to introduce children to fractions.  Very small children may not understand the concept at first, but with enough practice, they’ll catch on.  Besides, you can never have enough trail mix!  For the older child, seeing the fraction circles, coloring them, saying the fractions and problems out loud, and finally measuring the fractions may engage them enough to cause the concept to click.  Even if it doesn’t, you still have a fen, healthy snack to eat.

My 6 year old and 8 year old had fun with this.  I changed the problems to subtraction for older child and she did great.  Having the pictures allowed her to figure things out easily.  My younger child had a hard time understanding how everything was supposed to work.  She knows that 2 halves equal a whole, but in this format, she was a little lost.  We figured it out together and she got her snack made just in time to share with Daddy.

Let me know how your experience goes!  Fractured Trail Mix


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