Weekly Review: Fifth Week

I am enjoying school so much more this year than I have any other year.  Everything is so easy.  I don’t feel obligated to get loads of worksheets, projects, or activities done.  Truly, my kids didn’t really learn anything by doing all that anyway.  By simply reading and narrating, I know the kids are learning and comprehending and I have done my job.  If I have time to put an activity together, that’s fine, but I much prefer our cooking, playing, crafting time to all the projects and other stuff that just gets thrown away.  Keep reading to see how we did this week…


I am really liking the Your Story Hour lessons.  They are so easy to read and understand, it appears the version they use is KJV (which I like), and the questions at the end are often fun.  We have been working on the 12 Apostles song and have Matt 4:19 down pat.  I have heard it said that the term ’12 Disciples’ refers to Jesus’ chosen 12 before he died and ’12 Apostles’ refers to them after he died.  I guess the two terms can be used interchangeably.  They way I see it, Jesus had many ‘disciples’, or followers, but only 12 of them were chosen specifically by Jesus.  For our family and to eliminate confusion, we always refer to these 12 men as ‘the 12 Apostles’, and any other follower is a disciple.

The readings about Moses have been going well.  This week we read about the burning bush, which was exciting.  My main goal in these reading is that they will understand the gist of the story and be able to know where to find it.  I will often quiz my kids by asking where a certain story is found and they will shout back the scripture reference.  My Grandpa Frank was my history teacher when I was home schooled and all my tests with him were open book.  His philosophy was that as long as I could find the information, I didn’t have to have all the information memorized.  I think there is wisdom in this.

Thank you arthermitage.org

 The Story of Regulus


The kids were only slightly saddened by this story.  We looked at the picture after the reading and narration.  It was really neat to see them retell the story without me prompting by just seeing all the characters.  This is why I love this way of teaching.

 The Romans Come Again

All of this history is so unfamiliar right now, but the kids are beginning to understand and bring it all together.  The names are still not right-on during narration, but they’re getting closer.  I didn’t get a chance to go over all the Roman armor, but I’m sure there will be another opportunity.

Law of Authority and Obedience

My older daughter really took to this story.  I read it in two sittings only because she begged and begged for me to keep reading it.  (I had planned on taking three of four nights since it was so long).  I don’t think my younger ones got much out of it, though.  We did discuss the rolls that bees play as well the rolls in our family; God-Husband-Wife-Child.

Paddle to the Sea: chapter 4

This week got too crazy; we’ll have to move it to next week.

The Fox and the Grapes

My girls were confused by this story.  At the end when the fox grumbled about the grapes being sour, they argued with me and insisted that I missed a part or read it wrong.  I had to explain the moral and relate the story to something they were more familiar with in order for them to grasp the concept.

 The Bundle of Sticks

The moral of this one eluded the children as well.  With the defining of a few words and a little explaining, I could see the picture coming together for them.  The still fight.  Aesop is not magic.  And, unfortunately, there are no sticks in the back yard!  I still really like this story and will have to revisit it many times, I’m sure.

How the Camel Got His Hump

My oldest thought this story to be boring, but my middle daughter really took to it.  She retells it to everyone that will listen, remembering new details each time.  I have told my girls that they were being ‘scruciating idle’ a few times.  I get a smirk and enough movement to make me happy.  They are beginning to use the word, ‘presently’, in their narrations, as well.  I am also going to be sure to pre-read all these stories so that I can have word definitions handy.






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