Weekly Review: Fourth Week

We just completed our fourth week of school!  We’re a month into it and everyone is still happy, having fun, and learning.  If you are new to my blog, please see my curriculum page so you can have a better understanding of the resources that I use.  Most of this plan adheres closely to the AO curriculum.  For more information on how to provide a true CM education, please visit their site.  Following is everything that we learned from what we read this week.  If you have read these stories and have a learning idea, activity, etc., please share it in the comments section.  And Catherine, if your reading, this post is for you.  I cannot for the life of me get the formatting on this thing to be consistent!


This weeks lesson was on the Temptation of Jesus, which fit in nicely with my 30 Minutes for Mommy study, the Temptation of Eve.  We read the story from scripture and YSH and talked about how we can either give into temptation, like Eve or we can resist it, like  Jesus.

We read the story of Moses and decided the word, ‘smote’, was a good word.  We reviewed  the people in Moses’ family and made special mention of God remembering his people.

 Alexander and Bucephelas

Horses are a favorite animal in this house so this story was a hit.  We watched the links that I found and I let them watch the clip from the movie, Alexander.  It was clean and they enjoy getting to see what we have read.  I did get a narration before watching it, however.

Diogenes the Wise Man

We laughed so hard for this story.  I had to read it to my husband so that he could laugh.  The only reason we were laughing so hard was because the kids were hysterical over the fact that this old man rolled a barrel around town to sleep in and people sought him out for his wisdom.  The girls decided he must have been a hippie.  If he were alive today, he very well could have been, so I did not correct them on it.  I made one mistake here though.  I read them some of his other quotes before getting a narration on the story.  As a result the narrations I got were a mash up of all the quirky things he said and did.  A lesson learned for me, I guess.

The Burgess Bird Book “The Old Orchard Bully – The English or House Sparrow”

My kids are really good about sitting for a story and listening, but when it comes to narrating, there is something lacking for the younger ones.  I tried breaking this reading up into shorter segments and it helped some, but not much.  I think we will just have to continue to be patient and stretch these young brains a little while longer.
Anyway, about the story.  We really like this book.  The girls spent well over an hour coloring the picture of the English Sparrow to be exactly like the actual bird.  We took turns describing the coloring on the bird, as well, which turned out to be a really good exercise.

The Kid and the Wolf

These short stories have been producing pretty good narrations, actually.  We have fun retelling them in the car throughout the week.  I have been encouraging them to memorize the morals that go along with the story.  For this story, we talked about not speaking badly about people at all and going to people with kindness if you are concerned that they are doing something wrong.

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

We had read the Beatrix Potter version of this story earlier this Summer and liked it better.  They really like Beatrix Potter.  We have had a problem in this house about comparing and wishing we had more of something or better of this thing or that.  We again took this opportunity to discuss how the grass is not always greener on the other side and referred back to the story of, ‘The Sword of Damocles’.

A Child’s Garden of Verses

We only read “The Gardener” this week.  It was more meaningful to me than the kids I think.  It reminded me to be thinking
from a child’s perspective.  I appreciate that about RLS and how he express that perspective so well in his poems.  It would do us all some good to take the time to allow children more involvement in our every day activities.  It takes longer and is usually messier, but the best memories are built in this way.


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