Weekly Review: Third Week

This was our week in a nutshell, complete with pictures as promissed.  I know it’s late, but here it is anyway.  We had a fairly good week and normal week.  It was exciting.  We had our very busy extra curricular schedule along with our regular studies.  My middle daughter is picking out words and beginning to read.  My oldest is beginning to not hate reading so much.  They both love math and my son just wants to do it all.  The year is going well so far.  If you have read or plan on reading any of these stories, please share what you taught your kids, what they learned,  or what you learned from them.


Well, I can say that my kids have Matt 3:17 and Luke 2:52 mastered.  They rattle them off all the time and everywhere.  I hear them while I’m cooking, when I’m driving, and as we’re walking through the grocery store.  If my kids are going to repeat something over, and over, and over I would much prefer it to be scripture as opposed to Barney songs.

They also know the story of John the baptist fairly well.  Their favorite part is to say what kind of clothes he wore.  Maybe because they are girls?

I failed to read the story of baby Moses this week, but they know it so I was OK with it.  It allows room for me to improve.

The Coming of the Romans

My kids seemed a little lost with this story.  It probably wasn’t very CM of me, but a read back over a few parts with them and retold it a couple of times in the car so that they could understand it better.  I also showed them the movie clips of the galley ships, the pictures of the Roman standard, and the maps.  My son especially liked the word, “aquilifer”.  By the end of the week my oldest daughter remembered the word, “galley”, and used it in her narration to Daddy!  She had given me a pretty good narration earlier in the day but it wasn’t nearly as good as the one Daddy got.
I also let them watch the first few minutes of Britian BC mostly so they could see the white cliffs and the shore that the Romans may have seen or even fought on when they invaded.  I watched the rest of it for my own interest.  I enjoy this opportunity to learn along with my kids.

The Brave Three Hundred

We had a great deal of fun with this story.  Again, they had a hard time following it, so I got some action figures and pillows to act it out.  Superman was King Leonidas and Darth Vader was King Xerxes.  It worked and they played, “the Brave Three Hundred”, for the better part of the afternoon.  My middle daughter likes to say, “‘If’ didn’t stand in Xerxes way!”.

Paddle to the Sea: chapter 3

It was easy to relate to this chapter. The little boy took such care in his creation and molding of the little canoe, and then put it in the wilderness, yet watched over Paddle and checked on it often, until finally the time came to watch the little canoe slide down the mountain into the sea and begin it’s great adventure.  That’s what I got out of it, anyway.  My kids just enjoyed thinking about all the little animals that came to visit Paddle every night.  They probably wished that they were at the top of mountain with animals climbing all over them!
They did give acceptable narrations, though.  I am certain that as time goes we all all get better with this narration thing.

The Boy and the Filberts

My kids love to retell this story and have even invented a new version specific to our family.  The little boy is now my youngest

daughter and the filberts have been changed to jelly beans.  They laugh and laugh at the telling of this new version and my little girl doesn’t mind being the center of attention for the story.  We discussed the moral and only taking what you need, and not what you want.

Hercules and the Wagoner

My little boy like this story, but he is currently stuck on telling me about, “The Eagle and the Jackdaw”.  I think he just likes to saw, “Jackdaw”.  It’s a sort of funny word, “Jackdaw”.  Anyway, we did find a good teachable moment in this story.  Often times, my kids will pray for help in changing certain behaviors of theirs in their night time prayers.  We read this story right before bed and related to them how God helps those that help themselves.  We explained that it is always good to pray for God to help you to listen better, or to stop being so angry, or to stop hitting your sister, but you can’t expect God to just zap you and you’ll never do it again.  You have to be working on those things yourself and then God will help you, too.  It’s just a way to lay the ground work.

Beauty and the Beast

We listened to the audio of this at talespinners.com.  It was very well done and kept their attention.  I have some work to do since Beauty and the Beast and Hercules are both Disney stories in the minds of my kids, but we’ll get there.  We didn’t really talk about anything with this one.  We just listened and enjoyed.

A Child’s Garden of Verses

We memorized, “Time To Rise “, this week.  The kids have been practicing the use of different voices for the last line in which the little bird says, “Ain’t you ‘shamed, you sleepy-head!”  The kids taught the poem to their Daddy and he picked it up rather quickly.  He used it this morning to wake our middle child and, surprisingly, she got up laughing rather than grumpy and whining.  Poetry is a beautiful thing!

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