30 Minutes for Mommy: Lesson 2

If this is your first time reading this post, please read past, “30 Minutes for Mommy”, posts to better understand why I am doing this study and why I hope that you will join me.  You can find past posts in the side bar under, “30 Minutes for Mommy”, and, “Bible Women”.

This section is very long so it may take up to three weeks to get through it.  My goal will be to get through ‘Her Fall and the Results’ this week and ‘Her Children’ next week.  I will answer as many questions and study them as much as my time permits and hope that you will join me.  Please leave comments as you study and learn!  Sharing is the most encouraging part of studying God’s word together!


I was only able to get through half of question number one today.  In my defense, it’s a long question!

Eve is Tempted

This is very ironic because this week the kids are studying Luke 4:1-13 in which Jesus was tempted by Satan.  This being the case, I have made a comparison chart to demonstrate Eve’s temptation, Christ’s temptation, and our own temptation.  I hope you find it useful as you study.

Comparison of Temptation table


Nakedness and Modesty

The man and the woman have sinned and now know they are naked, (Gen. 3:6-7 and 11).  They were ashamed of their nakedness and tried to cover it with fig leaves.  But is it really that simple, or is there more to what they were ashamed of?  I think they were not only naked physically, but spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, etc.  Every part of them was now exposed to all that is harmful in this word due to sin.  They had feelings of shame, doubt, and fear that had never been known to them.  They looked vulnerable and they felt vulnerable.  Their judgement became clouded.  They forgot that God was all powerful and all knowing and actually tried to hide from Him.  Their emotional trauma must have been great for them to have forgotten something like that.  In a failed attempt to make themselves feel better, they made aprons from leaves, (Gen. 3:7).  God corrected this by giving them coats of skins, (Gen. 3:21).

How many of us now wear ‘leaves’ in hopes of making ourselves feel better?  In case you couldn’t hear my tone, by ‘leaves’, I mean very little clothing.  For centuries, women have tried to make themselves feel good by wearing clothing that shows their shape, or parts of their shape, or all of their shape.  We see men oogle at scantily clad women in magazines or on the beach and think that if that oogling was directed at us, we would feel good about ourselves.

So what about, ‘ourselves’?  What are, ‘ourselves’?  It’s you and me, our person, our being, it’s who we are.  If we are of the world and in sin we will undoubtedly feel shame, guilt, and fear, and will be drawn to expose our nakedness in order to feel better about ourselves.  If we are of God and living in the light, we should not be feeling shame, fear, or guilt and should not desire to be exposed.  We should be wearing clothing that is more acceptable to God.  I cannot say exactly what kind of clothing God would say is acceptable, but I know there is a huge difference between an apron and a coat.




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