Lesson Plan, third week

Here is my plan for our third week of school.  If you are new to my blog, please see my curriculum page so you can have a better understanding of the resources that I use.  Most of this plan adheres closely to the AO curriculum.  For more information on how to provide a true CM education, please visit their site.  I have included quite a few links that I found to be helpful.  To make the best of these, you should read the story first, then look over all of the links.  You will not need to show all of them to your kids.  Some have quite a bit of reading that you could boil down into a brief summary if your kids are asking too many questions, as mine often do.  I am trying to keep things simple until we find our groove.  Hopefully by next week we will have started our composer and artist study.

For Everyone:


  • Read Matt 3 and Luke 1:5-25
  • YSH lesson 5
  • Memory verse Matthew 3:17 (practice daily and then weekly once it is mastered)
  • EX 2:1-10; the story of Moses
  • Hymns by Fanny Crosby (we sing 3 every morning and I try to have a theme)
  • Review “The Stories of Albion and Brutus
  • An island Story, “The Coming of the Romans” (55 or 54 BC)
    • Galley animation here and here
    • A rather long, but interesting documentary on Britain before the Romans.  Probably best to watch it yourself first and then decide if your children would benefit from it and if it is appropriate for your family.  There are quite a few images of the beauty of Britain, including her noted white cliffs.
    • Interactive timeline.
    • Info on Julius Caesar.  I will most likely read the first sentence on this page and show them the picture of Caesar’s bust.  My kids like pictures.
    • An online book with a picture of a reconstructed British chariot on page 1, a glossary of term on page 46, and more information than most would ever need to know about chariots in between.
    • A map of ancient Rome at it’s greatest extent.
    • A map of modern Europe as comparison.  I will most likely be printing these both to lay side by side so we can explore the changes together.
    • An explanation on Roman standards and a rather portly aquilifer, but he will do.
    • A free Book of Centuries download.  If you do not know what it is, google it.  They appear to be great and we are going to start one, or several, now.  You could use any of the pictures provided by these links in your BOC.
  • Review “A Laconic Answer
  • Fifty Famous Stories Retold: “The Brave Three Hundred” (480 BC)
    • Picture of King Leonidas.
    • Picture of King Xerxes.
    • Some really great information complete with pictures and maps about the Battle of Thermopylae once you get past the Bagger Vance pictures.
    • Another site with a more in depth description of the story and a lively debate of comments.  Some really good pictures, too.
  • Paddle to the Sea: chapter 3
  • Locate England
  • Locate France
  • Locate Greece
  • Trace Paddle’s rout
Copy Work
  • Matthew 3:17
  • Aesop’s morals
  • The Cow, Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Lines from Blessed Assurance
SWR (each of my kids are on a different list, but the same work is done)
  • Spelling words introduced
  • Spelling enrichments (one or two every day)
  • Phonograms reviewed
  • Spelling list quizzed and hopefully mastered


  • Four lessons every week
  • Quiz math facts
  • Hands on math (we do this with cooking, sewing, crafting, etc.)
Narration and Memorization to review from last week
For the little ones
This Week’s Book
  • The Umbrella, Jan Brett (read every day)
  • Notice the detail and vivid color in the pictures.  Compare it to last weeks simple drawings.
  • Make animal mix up legos.
  • Select pictures for coloring.  Maybe we’ll get adventurous and use paints!
Busy Hands
  • Animal mix up legos
  • Go fish can game
  • Pattern Pillars can game
Weekly Theme
  • Orange
  • Circle
  • Bb
  • Birds


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3 responses to “Lesson Plan, third week

  1. wow, wish I wasn’t 2 weeks ahead – I could save myself some work and have a better plan by following yours, LOL

  2. I’ll try to get caught up 😉 I know all the extra stuff isn’t very CM. I use it mostly for myself because I have either forgotten so much or never learned it in the first place. Thanks for the encouragement

  3. Its great – I watched the documentary yesterday and enjoyed it – I never learned most of this stuff either 🙂

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