Lesson Plan 9/4

Well, with the passing of Grandpa and so many days missed over the past week, I am calling for a mandatory hibernation for our family.  We will still read and spend lots of time together and focus on getting things inside the house and outside the house caught up on.  I hope to get zucchini relish, sweet pickles, dill pickles, and peaches canned this week so that next week will be open for the beans.  I will also be posting the lesson for 30 Minutes for Mommy next week, so be watching for it!

This week is a perfect example of how freeing and beautiful a homeschool life can be.  We were able to mourn the loss of Grandpa without the worry of the kids missing any school.  And they still learned so much this week.  They heard real life accounts of The Depression from Grandma’s view point because she lived it!  We talked a lot about God and his grace and plan of salvation for us.  We practiced math facts in the car.  We wrote cards and learned the spelling of several new words.  The week did not go according to plan, but we still learned and that is what is important.  And, I can easily get caught up because the year is still young.



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2 responses to “Lesson Plan 9/4

  1. When my kids were younger, we understood that people were more important than “lessons”. Since we lived next door to the church building, we got lots of knocks on the door. We would just push the breakfast dishes, crumbs, and schoolbooks to one end of the table and go see who was at the door. The kids were also able to be involved in all aspects of the church work, and neighborhood life. I guess you could say school worked around life, not life around school.

    • It’s important for children to learn to prioritize. Book learning is important, but so is life learning 🙂 Thanks for commenting. It’s encouraging to know others views.

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