30 Minutes for Mommy

In our home, the mornings are busy and the afternoons are hectic.  We have chores and school; meal prep and snack time; piano and dance; play time and family time.  In between those times, nestled into a very tight 30 minute block is my time.  It is a beautiful thing that I anticipate everyday and it usually requires coffee and maybe a piece of chocolate.  This is the time when I can think and the only time that I can really do something for me.  This time is not to be misused for selfish reasons, but having a set Mommy Time allows a mother to regroup, refresh, and relax.

How do you find Mommy Time?  It is not a myth and can be real, you just have to make it real, and it is really very simple.  Every child is required to spend 30 minutes on their bed quietly.  They may have a book, but they have to be quiet.  If they get up form their bed, their 30 minutes starts over.  It takes some getting used to, but it is a lesson learned quickly and it is beneficial for everyone.  Children need to relax and have quiet, peaceful time too.  Even if they think they’re too old for naps!

I have been enjoying my Mommy Time all Summer and have decided to start using it more wisely which brings us to a story.

I found a treasure at my Grandparent’s house while I was visiting this weekend.  As I sat visiting with my Grandfather for what may have been the last time, I noticed a pile of books on the organ bench.  My Grandfather loves books, but only the kind that help him in his constant and fervent study of God’s word.  Since he has been declining in health and has a sense that he won’t be here much longer, he has been dispersing his library to family and close friends.  All of these books have special meaning to us because they are such a big part of who he is.  Most of them are old and falling apart, but the information is still valid.  During this visit, my Grandfather sent my Mother to various places in his office hunting down books he wanted to give my husband.  I watched the little pile of books on the bench wondering if they were also for our family, but hated to ask since he had given us so many already.  At some point, I couldn’t take it anymore.  The visiting had stopped.  Grandma was in the kitchen.  Grandpa was working in his office.  I was board.  I got up to see just what was in this little, out of place pile of books.  I picked up a very old looking, water stained, thin blue book titled, Bible Women: A Book for Bible Study, by Coleman Overby.  As I looked through it, I saw that it had been studied before and was full of little hand written notes and answers which I had assumed were written by my Grandma Driver.  This little book has lessons on over 100 women in the Bible.  I didn’t even realize there were that many women to be studied!  Each lesson has a page or two of questions to answer about a specific woman and her character followed by ‘Points to Consider’.  Mr. Overby was kind enough to include scripture references to make the finding of these answers easier and the consideration of his thoughts more effective.  I liked this book immediately.  Old.  Simple.  Conservative.  Just the way I like most everything.  Since it appeared to be my Grandmother’s book, I asked her if I could have it, to which she replied, “Sure”, with a gentle nod.  I felt obligated to let my Grandfather know since he is the bookkeeper.  He agreed and said he had meant for me to take it anyway.

That is how I aquired this little blue book.  Following is how I began to view it as a reminder of my heritage.  A true treasure.

I continued to thumb through my little blue treasure while I waited for my Mother to get done helping Grandpa and made another discovery.  The book I had picked up was not my Grandma Driver’s, but, in fact, had belonged to my Great Grandma King!  It is amazing what memories come flooding back from your childhood by something as simple as seeing a signature from a loved one that has been gone so long.  I was blessed growing up to have both sides of my family in the Church and faithfully following Christ and since all of my grandparents attended the same church, it is no stretch to imagine that my grandmother’s studied this little book together.  It was their unconditional love that showed me the way God loves.  It was their high expectations that kept me on a path focused on God.  It was their example of godly mothers that has made me the mother that I am today.  But this is not enough.  I need to be more fluent in God’s word so that I can successfully pass on this legacy to my children.

This brings me back to using my ’30 minutes for Mommy’ effectively and unselfishly.  I have determined to follow in the footsteps of my Grandmother’s before me and study this same little book that they studied so many years ago.  This will be in addition to my daily Bible reading and the study that I am currently doing with my husband.  I will be posting my study progress of this book weekly and hope that anyone reading this post will join me with study, prayer, and comment.  I also hope that you are encouraged to take some time for yourself.  It isn’t selfish and not only do you deserve it, you need it!  Personal experience shows that there is much more patience for the yelling, fighting, and tantrums that come with the territory when the Mommy has a few minutes to herself.



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8 responses to “30 Minutes for Mommy

  1. Rose Crenshaw

    WOW ! Lindsey, I am almost speechless !! I can’t think of enough adjectives to describe my feelings about you. Your appreciation of what you have been taught by your grandparents and your parents reminds me of Timothy and his faithfulness coming from his mother and grandmother. I feel confident that you will hand the same legacy down to your five precious children. God bless you as you strive to please Him, who will strenthen you as you live according to His word.

    On a lighter note—–your writing ability is another area that is not to be overlooked. I am expecting to hear much more of that.

    My love to you and looking forware to seeing all of you again.
    Your great aunt, Doris Rose

  2. Althea Moran

    Holy smokes (literally) !!
    I thank God that you have chosen to carry on this Godly commitment with your studies and to pass it done to your children as well. I can’t think of a better tribute to your great ,grandparents or parents.
    I agree with Rose, you do have a way with words Lindsey. Maybe through your studies and life experiences someday you should put pencil to paper and see what happens. God gives us all good gifts and you have been blessed with many.
    Thank you for sharing this with me.
    Love ya, Althea

  3. Dear Lindsey,
    Words can’t express my appreciation for you sharing this experience and the discovery of this precious little blue book. What a gift!!! This small finding and your writing about it brought much happiness and pride to my day as I sat by my fathers bedside and thanked him for the Christian influence he has had in your life.

  4. cathy gooolsby

    this was great I wish I had said more to my Dad before he died but somehow I could not . I think I was afraid he would think he was not going to be here ,not that he did not know anyway
    love cathy

  5. Thank you all so much for your encouraging words! I am so happy that you enjoyed this piece and hope that you will continue to read as I am able to get them up.

  6. Andrew

    You have such a way with words. It is just so neat all of the things that your grandma and grandpa have taught you, and you will spend the next years handing down to our children.

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