Lesson Plan week of 8/28

Last week we spent quite a bit of time with Grandpa who may not be with us much longer, milking an alpaca whose cria wouldn’t,(and still won’t), nurse, and we were in a parade on Saturday.  In spite of all this, we still learned every day and reached most of our goals for the week.  Because of this, Monday will be a catchup day and hopefully this week will be calmer than last week.  Any hangovers from last week will be in red.  Click here to see last weeks plan.  As a matter of giving credit where credit is due, most of the plan I follow was put together by the fabulous women at Ableside Online.  Their site is the most comprehensive and helpful CM site that I have found.  If you are interested in implementing her ideas into your school, I suggest you start with this site.

For Everyone:


  • Read Matt 3 and Luke 1:5-25
  • YSH lesson 5
  • Memory verse Matthew 3:17 (practice daily and then weekly once it is mastered)
  • EX 2:1-10
  • Hymns by Fanny Crosby (we sing 3 every morning and I try to have a theme)
  • Locate England
  • Locate Canada
  • Locate Costa Rica
  • Aesop’s Fables:  “Belling the Cat”
  • Aesop’s Fables:  ”The Eagle and the Jackdaw”
  • Winnie the Pooh (two chapters every week)
  • A Child’s Garden of Verses (The Cow {select a reading you like}, My Bed is a Boat, Time to Rise {a good one to memorize}, The Swing, Farewell to the Farm, or you can read them yourself here)
Copy Work
  • Matthew 3:17
  • Aesop’s morals
  • The Cow, Robert Louis Stevenson
SWR (each are on a different list, but the same work is done)
  • Get caught up on last weeks lists before moving on
  • Spelling words introduced
  • Spelling enrichments (one or two every day)
  • Phonograms reviewed
  • Spelling list quizzed and hopefully mastered


  • Four lessons every week
  • Quiz math facts
  • Hands on math (we do this with cooking, sewing, crafting, etc.)
Narration and Memorization to review from last week
For the little ones
This Week’s Book
  • The Umbrella, Jan Brett (read every day)
  • Field trip to animal sanctuary.
  • Notice the detail and vivid color in the pictures.  Compare it to last weeks simple drawings.
  • Make animal mix up legos.
  • Select pictures for coloring.  Maybe we’ll get adventurous and use paints!
Busy Hands
  • Animal mix up legos
  • Go fish can game
  • Pattern Pillars can game
Weekly Theme
  • Orange
  • Circle
  • Bb
  • Birds



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